Target specific content to different types of people based on their behaviour or other factors.

Personalising content for a specific audience is paramount in expanding your business and increasing engagement and sales.

Taguchi removes the need for you to run complex queries in data warehouses or external statistical suites with best in class targeting and personalisation capabilities. It lets you easily query your data to identify the most relevant subscribers and enables you to quickly send them the most appropriate content.

  • Dedicated content for each subscriber – customer-centric content
  • Highly personalised
  • Targeted
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use

Taguchi templates, activities and tracked URLs can use replacement tags to insert personalised data like subscriber names, email addresses or custom fields.

For example, you can create one email, which can then become millions of personalised emails that can be delivered to your customer base with a simple click. The high level of personalisation that can be achieved will make your customer think the communication has been created exclusively for them.

There is a vast array of platforms on the market today – what’s best for you?
Well, it all comes back to what’s important to your business.

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