Make the right product offer at the right time with sophisticated personalisation and targeting capability.

In retail environments, ensuring the right product offers are made at the right time is critical.

Being able to track a customers behaviour and purchase data whether in-store or online can give retailers the inside edge on building stronger relationships with customers over time.

Taguchi is the perfect tool for e-commerce or high street retailers because it features very sophisticated personalisation and targeting capability and it is easy to use without any need for technical or design skills.

Where should you start when digitising your customer communications journey?

It was the first question asked of Taguchi Managing Director Dean Maidment during a live Q&A event, hosted by Amanda Stevens, Australia’s leading consumer futurist. Dean summarised by saying “Starting simply and developing progressively will get you some big wins upfront but the real wins are in the spinning plates”.

Dean was joined by two other industry experts to discuss this question and other trending issues in the retail industry.

Below are the four key considerations which Dean explains in the webinar. Watch his full reply (skip to 7m in 25sec).

Four Key Considerations:
  1. 1.Start with one high impact communication & the next logical step. E.g. Welcome email with coupon offer to drive conversion.
  2. 2.Categorise your communications into streams, such as acquisition, retention, engagement and win-back. This will help to build out a roadmap.
  1. 3.Apply the 'spinning plates' approach where you constantly work to review, fine tune & improve.
    E.g. Welcome email with coupon offer + SMS follow up. Introducing SMS creates a multichannel approach and warms the customer up with this new channel for use across subsequent journeys.
  2. 4.Know what success is for your organisation and how the journey contributes to that success.

Whether it’s a highly personalised and segmented email broadcast to a million customers or specific one-to-one offers selected as part of a comprehensive customer automation strategy, Taguchi makes it easy to execute, track and manage.

With Taguchi, you’ll have one system for both marketing and operational emails and SMS (e.g. receipts, order confirmations, dispatch notices, loyalty membership statements etc), which allows retailers to leverage the sales and marketing capabilities of your customer communication and turn operational emails into sales opportunities.

E.g. combine receipts with birthday offers or abandoned shopping cart items with cross-sell offers.

Some benefits of Taguchi for retail stores include:
  • Speed to market. Spend more time on focussing on sales and marketing strategy and analysing ROI and less on campaign production and execution.
  • Localise communications based on where the customer lives or where they shop. Personalise offers using any of the personal, transactional, or behavioural data accessible in the Taguchi database.
  • Use real-time dynamic optimisation to increase sales and maximise ROI.
  • Whether in-store or online you can easily measure the ROI impact on your e-commerce or in-store retail sales as a result of your email, SMS and other database marketing campaigns initiated from Taguchi.
  • Track your retail sales conversions from your online e-commerce website or from your physical stores or franchise outlets.

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