Provide users with a range of workflow tools that simplify team collaboration and minimise errors.

Taguchi provides users a range of workflow tools that simplify team collaboration and minimise errors.

From proofing to approvals and notifications, Taguchi can handle even the most complex workflow and sign off processes.

Taguchi will also manage your version control, allowing you to save changes as you go, or revert to previous saved versions, minimising errors. The system allows for comments on changes and logs all changes made with both a time and date stamp for your peace of mind.

Proofing services include
  • Mailbox proofing
  • Create and send to proof lists
  • Live samples
  • Conditional proof matrix

Approval processes are managed based on your business requirements and can include inbox review and approval, or create and send to approval lists. You can also build in mandatory approval requirements before deployment and custom processes can be implemented such as multi level approvals.

A full range of notification services is also available in Taguchi such as broadcast start and end details, activity run checks and custom report delivery and data import notifications.

Run check services include:
  • SPF confirmation
  • Subject line inclusion
  • Segmentation count
  • Estimated recipient count
  • URL validation

There is a vast array of platforms on the market today – what’s best for you?
Well, it all comes back to what’s important to your business.

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