Secure database configuration and a wide range of system integrations delivers results for healthcare providers.

In healthcare environments, ensuring the right product offers are made at the right time is critical.

Healthcare providers face all the issues of retail outlets, with the added requirements of privacy and governance that they must adhere to, particularly in relation to medical information and history.

Taguchi has worked closely with a number of healthcare retailers and understands the nature of this business and its specific needs.

Our sophisticated platform is able to capture data directly from POS systems, CRM, product databases, e-commerce and loyalty systems to create database lists and programs that will increase customer loyalty and ensure a solid ROI.

We have also developed a wide range of reports that help healthcare providers better understand their customers and purchase behaviour including product and category conversion, loyalty, recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) reports as well as supplier reports and store benchmark reports.

We understand the sensitivity of the data in this space (scripts, medical conditions etc) and can configure the database structure to account for complete anonymity.

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Some benefits of Taguchi for healthcare include:
  • Easily implement and manage loyalty programs
  • Through a deep understanding of customer purchase behaviour, activate cross sell and up sell programs to increase average customer spend
  • Targeted professional services communications
  • Work with specific suppliers to create campaigns and offers
  • Undertake local area marketing with ease
  • Distribute retail catalogues and track catalogue performance against multiple metrics.

There is a vast array of platforms on the market today – what’s best for you?
Well, it all comes back to what’s important to your business.

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