Integrate your audience with Facebook & Google Ads

Optimise your multi channel advertising journey with Taguchi's powerful
Facebook and Google Ads integration tools.

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A smarter way to maximise value from your ad campaigns

Did you know you can now seamlessly integrate your Taguchi customer audiences with Facebook and Google's advertising accounts?

Our simple, self-serve integration tool offers a smart and secure way to get the most out of your ad campaigns; without the risk and inefficiencies of manually handling customer data.

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Fuelling magnificent multichannel journeys

Leverage your valuable first party data to create more impactful and effective multichannel campaigns.

Effortlessly create prospecting lists and customer segments based on your best customers, and tailor your remarketing efforts for maximum impact.

Reaching more of your dream customers has never been easier.

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Set and forget

Setup is seamless; taking only moments, and you can choose from automatic daily, weekly or monthly data refresh rates.

You're then ready to elevate your ad campaigns to new heights, by injecting Taguchi's powerful segmentation capabilities into your ad targeting lists.

More effective retargeting, nurturing new prospects, exciting the disengaged - the opportunities are endless.

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Maximise campaign ROIs

Simplified campaign measurement is now at your fingertips

Ensure your customers and prospects are receiving personalised and relevant messages, and understand which ads are delivering the most impact to your bottom line.

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