Microsoft Integration

A Global Microsoft Partner, we offer a variety of solutions for Microsoft clients.

Taguchi is part of the Global Microsoft Partner Network and is dedicated to growing the range of integrated services between the Taguchi system and Microsoft Azure.

We currently offer a variety of solutions for Microsoft clients. These extend from integrating with Dynamics 365 to database hosting options in Azure for Taguchi clients that want a local (Australian) hosting alternative.

Other developments that will make moving between the Taguchi and Microsoft environments easier such as Single sign-on are already in the pipeline.

We are building a powerful integration between the Taguchi system and key Microsoft products such as Power BI and Azure Machine Learning. Combined with a single sign on capability, this will deliver a seamless operator environment combined with a constant exchanging of data between the systems to ensure your programs continually grow and develop in sophistication and effectiveness.

We will work directly with your in-house IT teams or with your trusted Microsoft implementation partners to ensure you make the most of all services available.

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