Intelligent Delivery

Experienced people and sophisticated support technology ensure consistently high ISP deliverability.

A combination of experienced personnel and sophisticated support technology work together to ensure that emails sent from Taguchi result in consistently high ISP deliverability.

Our monitoring systems detect key issues and where possible, dynamically adjust sending configurations to maximise deliverability in real-time. Additionally, ISP specific reports and audit logs are maintained by us to any investigate issues that may occur and to suggest explanations and potential areas for future refinement.

Deliverability monitoring

ISP deliverability reputation to all major ISP’s (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc) for each of the I.P. addresses is carefully monitored and managed in accordance with Taguchi’s automated ISP deliverability management systems and processes.

Delivery priority

To maximise the broadcast delivery effectiveness, Taguchi prioritises the delivery of messages to the most engaged subscribers first. This also has a positive impact on sender reputation as these emails are more likely to be opened and clicked.

External inbox monitoring

We work with third party inbox monitoring tools such as Mail Monitor App, 250ok or Return Path. We don’t sub-licence these products and costs are to be negotiated directly with the supplier.


Determine your communication delivery speed. Choose the maximum rate to get an offer or message out as quickly as possible, or slow down the speed to control traffic to your website or customers contacting the call centre.

A/B test

Slowing down the throttle can also impact your A/B and multivariate testing results as it allows our algorithms to optimise the best performing test combination.

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