Our pricing structure is kept simple and transparent without hidden fees or surprises.

This allows our clients to easily track their spend against their budgets and forecasts. This is how we do and how we don’t charge for our platform and services.

How we do charge:

  • We take a licence fee and activity-based transaction approach. We invoice a fixed amount (annually or monthly) for the platform licence plus a standard cost per email / SMS model for activity transactions. Clients can track their email and SMS sends within the platform user interface
  • One off costs are applied for items such as set-up or client requested customisations.

How we don’t charge:

  • Based on the size of your database. We don’t ‘penalise’ our clients for having a large subscriber database and allow for an unlimited number of subscriber records and types of data in the platform.
  • Based on ‘super messages’ or equivalent. We keep it transparent by charging by actual message type (email/SMS)
  • Based on platform functionality. When you licence Taguchi, you get access to all common platform functionality.
  • Based on the number of users – it’s unlimited
  • Based on the number of support requests made – it’s unlimited
Licence fee inclusions:
  • Access to all common functions of Taguchi
  • Access to Taguchi APIs and unlimited API calls
  • In-house email and SMS delivery management
  • Unlimited operator support access
  • Unlimited number of users