Data Management

Store as many different data points as you want for highly targeted, segmented communications.

With unlimited custom fields, SQL, list-washing services, unique ID and our services spreadsheet, Taguchi makes data management a breeze.

There is no limitation as to how many subscriber records, custom fields or events are held within the Taguchi database which allows our clients to store as many different data points as they want, and use this for highly targeted, segmented and automated communications.

Our Professional Services team can also guide clients on the best approach to data integration and the segmentation of this data depending on the client systems involved.

Ask us how you can leverage data management for better results.

With Taguchi, you can store, manage and query a range of data types including:
  • Customer/profile – such as name, email, phone and address
  • Product data such as SKU, colour, size, etc.
  • Online and offline transactional data including units sold, value, and product details
  • Behavioural data from your email, web, app, or other systems, such as page views, category views, app opened, email opened, etc.
  • Business Intelligence (e.g. top performing stores, or Google Analytics)
Taguchi also has a series of automated data mapping rules that allow you to match this data to an individual profile storing it as:
  • Profile fields
  • Custom fields; or
  • Interaction events

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