Taguchi Paths Playbook

Available to download now is a step-by-step playbook, created by us, to help digital marketers develop customer journeys for their organisation.

Taguchi Paths can benefit you & your organisation


A highly effective way to display each step of your customer's journey that all stakeholders can quickly interpret.


Create 1:1 multichannel automated journeys that react instantly to changes in customer interactions.


Easily edit the settings, scheduling and targeting of your activities in the same friendly UI.

Taguchi Paths Playbook:
Onboarding & Activation Journey

Arguably one of the most critical journeys, onboarding sets out to understand your customers needs as well as demonstrate the value your product/service provides. First impressions count.

Even if you have an onboarding strategy in place, it's always a good idea to review it at least once a year (minimum!).

Within this guide are four sample journeys:

1. Program Education Journey

2. Data Capture Journey - Website Form

3. Data Capture Journey - Click Profiling

4. Sales Activation Journey

They have been applied to a relatable case study, allowing you to pick and choose elements from each journey to create your own communication strategy.

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"We understand that our clients need to be able to quickly and easily target their audience according to customer profile attributes, click or purchase behaviour, or a combination of both. The Taguchi Smart Template combined with our Target Expression builder makes the sophisticated nature of this task feel simple."

Matt Laverty
General Manager