Promote content by proactively communicating with your subscriber base with minimal effort.

The digital transition of the publishing sector has been redefining the way content is consumed and is causing massive disruptions in the publishing industry.

Publishers create value by curating exceptional content sold directly to the consumer; so for publishers to thrive in the ever-evolving world of digital content, they will need to provide content of only the very highest calibre.

With Taguchi, publishers can proactively communicate with their subscriber base promoting content on the website, for example, and in many cases, the entire communication process can be automated using business rules and predefined logic.

Taguchi’s extensive subscriber profiling and database capabilities allows publishers to easily deliver content that they know is highly relevant to a subscriber’s specific interest or chosen subscription.

In many markets the absolute size of the audience is limited: so the focus has to be on subscriber audience retention and growing the average revenue per subscriber. Subscribers are likely to be your most enthusiastic customers, and with a strong database you can build up plenty of data to profile and segment them, and gather intelligence about the purchases they make.

It’s not just about growing direct subscriptions revenue for your core publication, but also increasing monetization through expanded targeted advertising opportunities.

Talk to us about redefining your subscriber contact strategy.

  • Communication promoting content can be quickly replicated for email publication with minimal effort.
  • Content can be tailored to a subscriber stated preference, where the recipient has told you what type of content they are interested in
  • Content can be tailored by analysing a subscriber’s website or email interactions to identify areas of high interest

    • Through auto clustering - automatically tracks subscribers every email interaction to determine the content they am most interested in
    • By website interactions - deliver content to your subscribers based on the pages of your website that they interact with

There is a vast array of platforms on the market today – what’s best for you?
Well, it all comes back to what’s important to your business.

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