A powerful solution that can be fully customised for franchise companies or local offices.

  • Powerful Local Area Marketing (LAM) solution with centralised control and local flexibility
  • Fully customised solution for franchise companies or local offices
  • Flexible personalisation and automation capabilities

Add value to your franchise offering

  • Give your franchisees a competitive advantage
  • Expand the way franchisees can drive their marketing strategy
  • Promote increased customer loyalty through local and personal communication

Choose from multiple modules, each with a range of options so you can determine how much or how little each store can personalise communication content, timing and message deployment.

Head office benefits
  • Consistent branding
  • Centralised database management
  • Communications frequency management
  • Real time analytics and insights

Franchisee benefits
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Accurately predict campaign ROI
  • Expert implementation and support
  • Analytics and insights

“The ability to communicate effectively with our guests is a key priority for AccorHotels. With Taguchi, we have been able to improve the relevance and engagement in our marketing communication.”

Accor Hotels Christopher Mills
Director of Digital Commerce
Accor Hotels

Featuring multiple modules, each with levels of customisation built in, you can implement the solution that best meets the needs of your head office and local stores.

Maximum control


Head office manages everything, creating and sending all communication on behalf of stores with zero or minimum involvement at store level.



Head office provides inputs allowing stores to build campaigns using a simple drag-and-drop interface with a built-in approval process and full head office visibility.

Maximum flexibility


Head office creates the communication that can be adapted for each store based on predefined rules allowing franchisees to localise head office communication.

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