Local Area Marketing combining centrally managed
control with local store flexibility.

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Accor Hotels

"We really like the flexibility of the Taguchi Franchiser template - empowering the hotels to pick and choose how they want to structure their emails. And we get the level of reassurance that all emails are pre approved and pre tested. Taguchi have also been really supportive with training and helping us get the most out of the tool."

Chris Mills
Vice President Digital & Loyalty
Accor Hotels

Finally, a powerful marketing automation solution designed especially for franchise businesses.

As continual innovators of marketing automation in Australia, Taguchi have spent years refining and perfecting Taguchi Franchiser - a customised offering tailored to the unique marketing requirements of franchise businesses... or any business operating a similar model with parent office and multiple local store locations.

Combining all the benefits of centrally managed brand control, with the flexibility of local area personalisation, Taguchi Franchiser empowers both franchisers & franchisees to increase the commercial and brand value of their data driven marketing campaigns.

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Multiple modules, countless solutions.

Taguchi Franchiser provides provides multiple models with built in levels of customisation, meaning you can implement the solution that best meets the needs of your head office and local area stores.

You might want greater head office control over all creative communications and channels, with minimal effort at store level.

Or you prefer to control just the master brand visuals and key messaging, with each store empowered to develop their own targeted customer communications (under the master brand banner).

There is a bespoke solution that's right for your business.

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Data security & brand compliance always top of mind.

One of the concerns of franchise businesses allowing local area marketing flexibility is how to ensure compliance to brand, data privacy And spam regulations.

The Franchiser solutions ensures no communications are sent without head office knowledge, regulatory requirements (such as T&Cs) are adhered to, and all marketing has a consistent message, visual brand and tone of voice.

It also goes without saying that customer data security is of paramount importance. Centralised database integration minimises manual handling of data by franchisees, elevating data hygiene practices and ensuring the highest standards of customer data security are met.

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Making the sophisticated seem simple.

Our intuitive 'drag and drop' interface allows franchisees with minimal technical or design knowledge to create and manage their own multichannel marketing campaigns.

Campaign analytics are easily accessible via simple dashboards & comprehensive reports, allowing effectiveness tracking & insights for future campaign planning.

And simple features to manage automation and campaign frequency means you can find the optimum balance between overcommunicating and underservicing - improving commercial outcomes.

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Head Office Benefits:


Consistent branding across
all communications


Centralised database management - no
risk of mishandling


Communications frequency management


Real time analytics & insights

Franchisee Benefits:


Easy to use 'drag and drop' interface - no
specialist skills required


Accurately predict campaign ROI


Expert implementation and support


Local analytics and insights

We work with some of Australia's most trusted brands