Subscription Management

Subscriber records are managed in a single customer database for your organisation.

Your subscriber records in the Taguchi system are managed in a single customer database for your organisation.

You decide the unique identifier you want to use: be it email, mobile phone or a unique ID, which reflects what you use in your organisation (such as customer or account number). Taguchi adapts to your current processes so you can have an even more efficient workflow.

Taguchi removes the need for you to run complex queries in data warehouses or external statistical suites. It interrogates your database to identify the most relevant subscribers and enables you to quickly send them the most appropriate content.

You don’t need to mess around with lists for each communication – you can segment directly from your master database saving hours of data management work.

Managing subscribers

Integrating Taguchi with your existing databases or systems amplifies its capabilities. For example, when integrated with a CRM system it can assist in the automation and management of both marketing and operational communications planning, implementation, and reporting.

Taguchi enables you to work seamlessly where your subscribers are synchronised between all your systems. Imports and exports between systems happen while you sleep, for up to date information on their profile, purchase behaviour and user behaviour with your communications.

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