Case Studies

Below are just some examples of the great work
our team and clients have achieved.

As travel demand gradually returned post pandemic, it was critical for Accor Pacific to evaluate their customer engagement efforts, identifying opportunities to maximise sales in promising but still challenging times for their hotel network.

From the start-up phase, National Optical Care (NOC) turned the typical technology partnership approach on its head. Their choice was to integrate with Taguchi’s Marketing Automation capabilities, typically an enterprise solution, from day one.

The franchise model owes a lot to the power of centralised marketing. By joining together, franchisees have gained access to the best in marketing capability.

Foodco have partnered with Taguchi to help drive growth in their loyalty programs for their brands Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue. Learn about why they chose Taguchi in this video case study.

The ultimate success of a martech program can usually be traced back to how well it was originally implemented.