I ISO Standard 27001 Compliant Email Platform - Taguchi Marketing
Platform Access

With mandatory password protection and various user access options, Taguchi provides that extra layer of security.

At Taguchi, we take data protection very seriously.

At a company level we have recently completed a successful external audit for our compliance with ISO Standard 27001 - Information Security Management.

Mandatory password strength protection and other optional security measures help keep your data safe. Taguchi allows your administrator to manage user access from the interface, with various user classes available to allow different access levels within the platform.

Additional security measures include:

  • Optional two-person approval for extracts, which helps prevent malicious intent with data extraction
  • Optional IP lockdown, which allows you to lock down the location from which the platform can be accessed.
  • Optional 2 Factor authentication (2FA) and Google authenticator for login. This 2-step verification process ensures the user logging in is the owner of the account, providing an extra layer of security.

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