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Ben Dyer talks ultra-modern marketing automation tech, how it delivers and why it’s needed

Melbourne - 17 January 2022
Ben Dyer, interview with Dec 22, 2021

Everything changes and evolves, with data generated and databases growing larger with every passing day, while the maturity and sophistication of our technologies is also continuously evolving and improving. So too has marketing automation, fine tuned for every business, right down to delivering individually customised emails, along with the implementation, training and support, so to learn more, we spoke with Ben Dyer, the Technical Director, Chief Systems Architect and a Co-Founder of Taguchi Marketing.

Taguchi Founded in 2009, the company is 100% Australian owned and developed, and has grown to become an award-winning company with world-beating, data driven marketing solutions for industry leading companies including RACV, Webjet, ME Bank, Accor Hotels, Amcal, Miele, Big4, Discount Drug Stores and more.

As WPP (a Taguchi shareholder) makes clear, “What sets Taguchi apart is its ability to accurately predict your short and long-term ROI. Understanding the lifetime value of your database enables you to plan and implement your marketing strategies with more confidence than ever before.

“The Taguchi Marketing Principle is fundamental to our success, and yours. By dramatically reducing and improving production processes and mechanics, we enable you to have more time for refining your strategy and analysing results. This is a paradigm shift for digital marketing platforms, a complete reversal of where the majority of time and energy is spent. The end result is smarter upfront business decisions and digital marketing campaigns that are easier to produce and more potent in execution.”

Taguchi itself explains its technology is “the most adaptive digital marketing platform” that is “used across a variety of industries to facilitate programs and provide insights associated with digital marketing, loyalty engagement, customer re-targeting campaigns, marketing automation and local area marketing.”

As the company implements and supports all of its customers’ marketing automation programs in-house so they can each work directly with the team that developed Taguchi’s platform, the company promises “you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t,” while ensuring that “sending the right message to the right people, and at the right time and place, has never been easier.”

So, to learn about how Taguchi is “more than just a software provider” that understands that “its clients need to be able to partner with vendors that can tailor software to meet the specific needs of their business”, as with Domino’s Pizza over four years ago with a system that, as QSRMedia explained in its article: “It provides capabilities for individual restaurant owners and managers to tailor Domino’s Head Office marketing emails and SMS with special offers targeted to their local area customers,” we spoke with Taguchi Marketing’s Ben Dyer.

Ben Dyer is the Technical Director, Chief Systems Architect and a Co-Founder of Taguchi Marketing, and he joined iTWireTV to explain what marketing automation means as we enter in 2022, how it differs from traditional marketing and how it works, the platform and customer success stories, what was learned from the pandemic and how it changed marketing, where the idea for Taguchi came from and much more.

The interview is above, and below is a more detailed summary of the topics we spoke about, and ending with two videos of Taguchi’s win in the Travelport Accelerator, an international program recognising tech innovators in the travel industry with the first travel retailing challenge, launched in collaboration with Amazon Web Services to drive transformation in the travel retailing sector, so please watch the video interview with Ben and read on!

Taguchi was selected as one of only two winners in the Travelport Accelerator program from more than 120 companies from across the globe that applied, and the finale video recapping the finalists and celebrating the two winners is embedded thereafter.

Travelport is a UK-headquartered global travel technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide. It invited companies to pitch their solution to revolutionise customer acquisition and retention through hyper-personalised digital marketing.

Links to Travelport Accelerator Videos: About Taguchi:

Taguchi offers a world-class digital marketing platform that is owned, operated and directly supported by Australians, in Australia, for Australian marketers.

Taguchi’s technology features powerful analytics, sophisticated automation and patented optimisation technology, enabling accurate targeting of customers and advanced local message customisation. Marketers with minimal technical skills can create and implement highly advanced data-driven marketing campaigns, backed by the support of Taguchi’s Australian software developers. Taguchi’s open system also integrates with existing data sources (including existing legacy systems), and accurately predicts return on investment.

Established in 2009, Taguchi has grown into a strong and profitable local business with service operations in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.

Taguchi® is a registered trademark of TaguchiMarketing Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

For more about TaguchiMarketing Pty Ltd or the Taguchi® Automated Digital Marketing System, please contact Matt Laverty : Contact us