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Taguchi boosts Australian data sovereignty with new data centre

Melbourne - 02 September 2020

TaguchiMarketing Pty Ltd (Taguchi®), a leading Australian marketing automation company, today announced it had established an Australian data centre in response to increasing concerns by Government and company boards about data sovereignty and compliance.

The new data centre in Melbourne will provide secure, high performance servers to hold and manage data for Australian clients that require local data storage.

Taguchi Managing Director, Dean Maidment said the new data centre provided a solution to the growing number of Australian companies seeking new standards of data sovereignty and compliance in a post-COVID-19 world.

“Data management and direct access to local software expertise has become a far more critical issue for many Australian businesses using channels such as email, websites and SMS,” he said.

“Taguchi’s local data centre will particularly suit major companies in banking, finance, fintech, insurance, superannuation, government and pharmaceuticals, where there are increasing regulatory and internal compliance requirements for data storage and management.”

Mr Maidment said, “The Taguchi platform is increasingly popular because it provides cutting-edge technology based on proprietary software developed and customized in Australia, with all operational standards certified to ISO27001.

“Taguchi is unique in the marketing automation industry, in that its software development, customer support and technical expertise are all based in Australia. We don’t need to rely on third parties, because we provide all the expertise in house, including on-going program development and training of client staff. "

“The widespread global dislocation caused by COVID-19 and increasing concerns around sovereignty, business continuity and supply chain surety have put the focus on where a business operates from and who is doing the work."

“Taguchi produces and broadcasts billions of digital communications every year, and is a local business providing a world-class, end-to-end service.”

Established 12 years ago, Taguchi’s patented marketing automation system provides digital distribution and analytical services to major companies including Webjet, Domino’s Pizza and Accor Hotels.

The data centre will complement Taguchi’s existing US-based data centres, which are operated by Equinix, a global company that operates the world's largest platform of interconnected data centres.

“The establishment of a new Australian data centre will further strengthen Taguchi’s position as a leading marketing automation company in Australia,” Mr Maidment said.

About Taguchi:

Taguchi offers a world-class digital marketing platform that is owned, operated and directly supported by Australians, in Australia, for Australian marketers.

Taguchi’s technology features powerful analytics, sophisticated automation and patented optimisation technology, enabling accurate targeting of customers and advanced local message customisation. Marketers with minimal technical skills can create and implement highly advanced data-driven marketing campaigns, backed by the support of Taguchi’s Australian software developers.

Taguchi’s open system also integrates with existing data sources (including existing legacy systems), and accurately predicts return on investment.
Established in 2009, Taguchi has grown into a strong, consistent and profitable local business with service operations in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.

Taguchi® is a registered trademark of TaguchiMarketing Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

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