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Successful Multi-Channel Marketing with Taguchi®

The Taguchi team’s data-driven marketing expertise and technology were crucial in the success of the RACV Emergency Home Assist project. Taguchi worked closely with RACV to navigate from what was essentially a high level business concept through to a comprehensively detailed campaign solution.

Despite project challenges such as short deadlines, budget constraints, multiple stake holders, and coordination with third party suppliers, Taguchi architected and delivered a comprehensive solution, on time and within budget.

This campaign performed 21.4% above the target.

RACV Campaign Objective

To generate a daily flow of leads to drive the awareness and sales of its Emergency Home Assist (EHA) product.


RACV had undertaken previous promotions with similar objectives but were looking to:

  1. Improve campaign performance
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Reduce speed to market for future similar campaigns through automation


RACV offered a free six-month trial of their Emergency Home Assist product. The offer was A/B tested in all three channels:

Using Taguchi’s enterprise-level technology, RACV were able to quickly deploy a sophisticated multi-channel campaign that targeted customers by their preferred communication method. By using a flexible solution that engaged with customers to influence purchasing behaviour, RACV were able to maximise results across the campaign as well as secure insights for future campaigns.


  • Campaign performed 21.4% over the benchmark set for the trial campaign
  • The program was delivered within time and budget with extensive additional features
  • Platform became the benchmark across the business and has been re-purposed for use across multiple divisions reducing deployment cost and speed to market

Other critical success factors for Taguchi®

  • Local expertise based in Melbourne to provide extended user and technical support when required
  • Flexibility of a hybrid of Taguchi campaign management and self-service model for most effective use of resources
  • Customisation of an RACV model that is flexible enough to be rolled out across the RACV organisation
  • Co-operative working relationship and a much trusted partnership between Taguchi and RACV

Taguchi was genuinely committed to a successful outcome for RACV and our expectations were exceeded throughout the project.

- RACV Project Team Leader